Buhach Colony to hold first-ever Make-A-Wish rally Dec. 9

Buhach Colony High School will hold its first-ever Make-a-Wish rally Friday, Dec. 9, at 11:40 a.m. in the gym.

On Nov. 1, high school leaders put a wishing well in the student body office requesting wishes from students and staff. Many wishes were collected and the leaders went through them to find the most needy ones.

They then asked for donations to have wishes granted. Donors include Ingram’s Trophies; Takken’s Shoes; The Branding Iron; Christina’s Fine Clothing; The Armory; Mikel Soria, guitar instructor; Sante Fe Pet/Dr. Bell; Applebees; Josten’s Graduate Services; BCHS Junior Class; BCHS Leadership class; Dr. Jeffery Carter DDS; David Clarot; Sweetriver Bar and Grill; BCHS staff; BCHS Pacific Club; BCHS Maintenance; Costco; All American Driving School; Monterey Plaza Inn.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Phonesavanh, activities director, Buhach Colony High School at (209) 357-6647 or (209) 777-0760.