One man critically injured in possible gang-related fight at La Cascada restaurant

A 21-year-old man was shot during a fight Friday at 1 a.m. in the parking lot of La Cascada restaurant on the 2600 block of Santa Fe Road.

The man was bleeding profusely when sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene.

The victim was air lifted to a hospital in Modesto where he underwent surgery and remains in critical condition.

Detectives spent Friday morning combing the crime scene for clue and evidence.

“So far all we know is that the bar was having a hip hop night with dancers when several altercations took place in the parking lot,” said Deputy Tom MacKenzie. “A security guard found the victim lying in the parking lot with gunshot wounds to his upper torso.”

Strippers in lingerie were giving lap dances, according to an anonymous caller claiming to be at the establishment earlier that night. The caller described the crowd as “gangbangers” and “probably the worst of the worst." He added, "I was there for a couple hours and then I got the hell out of there. If I were the police or the sheriff’s department, I’d be very interested to know what was going there.”

The sheriff’s department said both the fight and the possibly illegal strip club are still under investigation. The altercation is believed to be gang related. There is no suspect at this time.

-Joshua Emerson Smith