Dos Palos police arrest sixth parolee in six weeks, a suspect wanted for robbery

The Dos Palos Police Department said that on Thursday it arrested a sixth parolee in the last weeks, a man wanted in Fresno County for robbery.

Officers began a search for Johnny Quesada, the parolee, around 2 p.m., contacting known family and associates of Quezada. "We seem to have been one hour behind for the first few hours,” Chief Barry Mann said in a news release. “Shortly after 6 p.m., Quezada was taken into custody by Officer Joe Green.”

Quezada was transported to Fresno County and turned over to Fresno County deputies. "The Dos Palos Police Department was only acting on the warrant as part of our campaign to provide a safe holiday season for our community as a whole,” Mann said in the news release.