Merced's Eviction ordinance up for 3rd review

The Merced City Council will consider repealing the “Just Cause for Eviction” ordinance, receive a report on the Martin Luther King Jr. Way Revitalization Plan and provide staff with direction concerning the permitting process for special events and parades.

In November the City Council approved a “Just Cause for Eviction” ordinance that gave tenants added protection from eviction if a rental property changed owners as a result of foreclosure.

At its Nov. 7 meeting the council approved the ordinance, and again approved the ordinance at its second reading Nov. 21. At the Dec. 5 meeting, the council voted to bring the ordinance back for possible repeal.

The city received a $250,000 grant to study MLK Jr. Way area between M and G streets and Highway 99 and Childs Avenue. The report before the council includes strategies such as diverting truck traffic off of the road and onto Highway 99, creating a brand for the corridor, improving alley lighting and providing bus stops on the highway.

The city receives regular requests to close streets, conduct special events on City property and hold parades. Most of these events go before the City Council, even if they are long-standing events.

The council is being asked if they want to grandfather in a list of events already approved by council and allow staff to approve the events as long as they meet the usual city requirements including insurance and notification. The other option would continue to have Council approve all of the larger events.

The council will meet in closed session at 6:30 p.m. to meet with labor negotiators and to discussion potential litigation.

The regular City Council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers on the second floor of the Merced Civic Center, 678 W. 18th St.The council agenda is posted online at www.cityofmerced.org and is available outside the chambers prior to the meeting. Request to Speak cards are available at the meeting or can be downloaded from the City's website. Cards must be turned in to the City Clerk in order for a person to be recognized by the council.--Sun-Star staff