Dos Palos police arrest man who escaped custody in September

Officers John Davis and Gerardo Chavez arrested Christopher Cardoza Thursday, wanted by the Dos Palos Police Department since his escape several months ago.

On Sept. 28, Officer Donavan Sizemore conducted a traffic enforcement stop on Cardoza as he was seen riding an off-road vehicle on city streets. Cardoza had a felony warrant at the time of the enforcement stop for a failure to appear on a possession of controlled substance charge.

Sizemore placed Cardoza under arrest during the enforcement stop, according to a news release from the Dos Palos Police Department. Sizemore reported leaving his rear patrol vehicle door ajar after Cardoza complained of needing air. Sizemore said he walked away from his vehicle to begin a storage process of the off-road vehicle. "A few seconds later I observed Cardoza running southbound on Center Avenue with his hands cuffed in front,” Sizemore said in the news release.

On Thursday Davis and Chavez were working as a two-officer vehicle and saw Cardoza in the county area of Dos Palos near Hutchins Road. Cardoza began to run from the officers across a field. Davis requested canine support; however, Cardoza was taken into custody before the arrival of the dog.

During the search of Cardoza, officers located a dagger concealed on Cardoza near the small of his back, the news release said. Cardoza, 22, was booked into Merced County Jail on charges of possession of a deadly weapon, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and a felony warrant for a probation violation.

The Dos Palos Police Department notified the Merced County Sheriff’s Department and advised them that Cardoza was in custody. The sheriff's department was seeking to apprehend Cardoza on a domestic violence charge that occurred earlier this week. During that incident, Cardoza fled on foot as deputies arrived, the news release said.--Sun-Star staff