Five arrested in warrant sweep by Merced police

Merced police arrested five people during a warrant sweep Thursday night targeting suspects with outstanding felony and misdemeanor traffic warrants that included drunken driving violations.

Police said they went to 74 locations looking for people with active warrants for their arrest. They arrested:

- Mariela Licona, 20, of Merced, who was wanted on drunken driving charges and a probation violation;

- Landee Frago, 30, of Merced, charged with driving under the influence and a probation violation;

- Stella Ponce, 37, of Merced, charged with DUI and two counts of driving on a suspended license;

- Jose Mendoza, 29, of Merced, charged with DUI with two enhancements and probation violation;

- Bumaro Martinez Garcia, 45, of Merced, charged with DUI, driving on a suspended license, DUI with a prior conviction, DUI conviction with a minor passenger and other enhancements.

-- Posted by Brandon Bowers