Merced County's only village post office opens in Snelling

The only village post office in Merced County is now found here, after the U.S. Postal Service opened it Thursday.

The Snelling Village Post Office opened for business inside a Chevron gas station, 15875 California Highway 59. The location sells stamps and flat-rate boxes 24 hours a day.

The idea behind a village post office is to expand service to the town with about 200 post office boxes, according to Lisa Giannetta, manager of marketing in the area for the postal service. The city has a population of 231, according to the 2010 U.S. census.

“It’s not to replace the post office, it’s to advance the availability for customers,” Giannetta said.

The Snelling Village Post Office is the sixth of its kind in the state, with 11 more planned, according to officials.

The Postal Service cut the hours of Snelling’s main office last summer, so the location is only open six hours a day Monday through Friday.

Martin Meister, who co-owns the Chevron, said he expects the village post office label to increase foot traffic in his station.