Mariposa student will attend summer session at Naval Academy


 Kelsey is one of 2,550 in the nation and 

overseas who 

will participate 

in a summer leadership 

program at the U.S. Naval 

Academy in Annapolis, Md.
Genevieve Kelsey is one of 2,550 in the nation and overseas who will participate in a summer leadership program at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. dyawger@mercedsunstar.com

Genevieve Kelsey’s packed schedule is about to get even more congested.

The 17-year-old Mariposa High School junior was invited to take part in the U.S. Naval Academy’s Summer Seminar program, which teaches prospective applicants about life at the Annapolis, Md., academy. About 2,550 youths from around the nation and abroad are invited to attend.

Genevieve, daughter of Adam and Marni Kelsey of Mariposa, will take part in the summer program June 7-12. She has always liked the military lifestyle, thanks to the influence of several close relatives. The Summer Seminar is a fast-paced leadership experience for rising seniors in high school, tailored to students considering applying to the academy after graduation.

Genevieve said her first choices after high school are the Air Force Academy, where her 18-year-old brother Caleb is a freshman, or the Naval Academy. If neither pans out, she said she is considering an agriculture-related degree from California State University, Fresno, or California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

“I’m not positive yet on a career direction,” Genevieve said. “I hope to go to a great college. The first two years everyone takes the same classes and then decides what to do.”

The Summer Seminar program allows students to participate in academic and leadership workshops. Group runs and conditioning exercises are part of the daily physical training.

Eight 90-minute workshops at the Naval Academy cover information technology, naval architecture and mechanical engineering, oceanography, mathematics, history and meteorology. Seamanship and navigation classes also are included.

Marni Kelsey said her daughter has always been motivated and hard-working, a person who is not one to brag about herself.

“She is such a forward thinker,” Kelsey said. “She’s quiet, unobtrusive and doesn’t call attention to herself. She is a quiet leader, a worker bee. I’m really proud of her.”

Genevieve says she’s leaning toward classes in biology and bioengineering. She likes the technical aspects of science and seeing how things work on basic and broader levels.

She is taking an honors class in precalculus, advanced placement literature, U.S. history, French and chemistry, and says she hopes all that rigor pays off. She said graduation from a military academy basically guarantees a job, after the required service in the military.

In her third year with the Mariposa High varsity softball team, Genevieve also competes in parliamentary procedure events with the Future Farmers of America group. She is a member of the California Scholarship Federation, the French club and the Interact group affiliated with the Rotary Club.

Genevieve is the trumpet section leader with the band. Rod Feister, the Mariposa High band director, said she made a pretty quick evolution through the band chairs. She started in the color guard as a freshman, then started playing the trumpet. By the time she was a sophomore she was playing in the band.

“She’s a well-rounded individual and very capable,” Feister said. “Anything she’s interested in pursuing, she excels. I’ve never seen her doing anything poorly.”

Marni Kelsey, a teacher at Sierra Home School, says Genevieve also has been quilting for eight years. Her Girl Scout troop, No. 3092, has been sending cookies to service personnel overseas.

Once her academy experience is over, relaxation still will have to wait. Genevieve will attend a soccer camp at the Air Force Academy.