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Has someone contacted you about your power bill in Merced? It might be a scam.

Merced Irrigation District office in Merced
Merced Irrigation District office in Merced

If you've been contacted recently about your power bill from the Merced Irrigation District you probably should check to make sure it's legitimate.

MID officials on Tuesday issued a warning to its utility customers about a recent scam involving a bogus automated calling service demanding money.

"Residents are receiving messages requesting payment to avoid having their electric service disconnected," district authorities said in a statement.

Those receiving the calls hear a recorded message demanding they call a 1-800 number to set up arrangements. Officials said the recorded message sounds professional.

It's a scam.

"MID does not use any kind of automated service to contact its customers," officials said. "Customer service representatives from MID will call from a local number regarding any questions or concerns about billing matters."

Law enforcement officials have been notified about the scam and district leaders say they're taking steps to alert the community to the fraud.

MID spokesman Mike Jensen said officials as of Tuesday hadn't received any reports of customers falling victim to the fraud.

Anyone who believes they may have been contacted by these scammers or who has any questions or concerns over their electric bill can call the district directly at 209-722-3041.