Central Valley

Denham hits the road for McCain

State Sen. Jeff Denham, R-Merced, took his endorsement of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., all the way to New Hampshire, the site of Tuesday's presidential primary. Denham spent eight days campaigning for McCain, returning to California on Saturday, Denham said.

"I made a lot of phone calls, knocked on some doors, went to some town hall meetings," said Denham, who went to New Hampshire with his wife and two school-age children. "I expect Sen. McCain to do very well (tonight), and I expect Barack Obama to do well, too."

Denham, who was in Sacramento for the start of the 2008 legislative session Monday, said he will campaign with McCain in California at the end of the month. He said that trip probably will not include a stop in Denham's district, which includes parts of Merced and Stanislaus counties.