Central Valley

Mexican chewing gum contains lead

Consumers are being warned not to chew gum included as part of the Dulces Yosi "Megapack" imported from Mexico.

Tests of the gum by state health officials found levels of lead that could cause health problems.

The gum was distributed by Surtido Divertido in Whittier. Surtido Divertido is initiating a recall.

Consumers should discard the gum. Pregnant women and parents of children who may have chewed the gum should consult a doctor to determine whether medical testing is needed. Anyone finding the gum for sale is encouraged to call the state's complaint hotline at (800) 495-3232.

The gum is packaged in clear plastic bags that contain colored toys. Some of the toys contain pieces of bubble gum. The package has a colorful label with wording MEGAPACK in yellow with a pinkish border, and states that it contains 48 pieces.

Recent analysis by health officials found the gum contained as much as 0.58 parts per million of lead. California considers such products with lead levels in excess of 0.10 ppm to be contaminated.