Los Banos

Man is rescued after being stuck in a bucket truck

Nathan Wolff who works for Fluoresco was cleaning the sign at España's Southwest Bar and Grill Friday morning from a 30 foot bucket truck when the power to his truck failed leaving his stranded and unable to get down.

After about 30 minutes he was able to get the attention of the driver of a Los Banos fire engine who was driving by. They called for the ladder truck and helped Wolff get down.

Because Wolff was using a water hose to clean the sign, he left his cell phone in the cab of the truck in fear that he would get his phone wet.

He said that in the past when power goes out on the bucket trucks, another truck is called to help get the stranded worker down. However, Fluoresco is based out of Fresno and there wasn't another truck nearby, nor did Wolff have a cell phone to call for another truck.