Los Banos

Mom suspected of fighting teen asks judge for medical attention

Angelia Spafford, who is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, has not been receiving proper medical attention in jail, according to her attorney.

During a continued pre-preliminary hearing Wednesday, Deputy Public Defender Derek Meyer told Judge Frank Dougherty that Spafford has various medical ailments. Meyer did not disclose the ailments, but Dougherty directed jail staff to make sure Spafford gets treatment. She has been in custody in the John Latorraca Correctional Facility in lieu of $30,000 bail since March 4.

Spafford, 35, had a pre-preliminary hearing rescheduled to April 2 and a preliminary hearing moved to April 9. Both hearings will be held at the Robert M. Falasco Justice Center in Los Banos. A pre-preliminary hearing takes place after a formal complaint has been made in court, so as to know whether there is enough evidence to justify a trial. A preliminary hearing sets the stage for any potential trial.

Katie Gates, deputy district attorney, said the continuance was issued because not all of the evidence has been shared with the defense in the seven days that Meyer has been on the case.

“There are witness statements yet to be turned over,” Gates said.

Spafford is accused of getting involved in a fight between her 14-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old at Pacheco High School before class on March 4.

According to police, the fight took place between the school gymnasium and the pool. The mother drove to the area to drop her daughter off at school. The daughter saw the 15-year-old and began arguing with her from inside the car, police said. The girl exited the car, police said, approached the 15-year-old and began fighting with her in front of several other students. Police said the mother stepped out of the car and joined the fight, allegedly kicking the victim in the head at least once. The mother and daughter then drove off, police said.

Spafford, who is also charged with resisting arrest, and her daughter were arrested at their residence in the 500 block of Cabernet Street. The daughter is no longer in custody.

Gates said she does not believe Spafford has been overcharged and no plea bargain has been offered.