Los Banos

Fair features exciting group of seasoned entertainers

Birds N Beasts will perform at the Merced County Spring Fair in Los Banos.
Birds N Beasts will perform at the Merced County Spring Fair in Los Banos. Submitted Photo

Filling the fairgrounds with fun throughout the five-day run of the Merced County Spring Fair will be an exciting group of seasoned entertainers.

The “Master of Suggestion” Tyzen will return to the Memorial Hospital Outdoor Stage for two shows per night. Tyzen is known for his dazzling showmanship and sense of humor. His hilarious act includes impersonations along with magic and hypnosis.

Combining comedy, hypnosis and magic, this Las Vegas entertainer delivers fresh material with innate talent. Tyzen has performed across the United States and Canada entertaining audiences of all ages and sizes.

Daily during the fair, Circus Imagination will engage the imagination and creativity of children. Prior to each show the Circus Imagination ringmaster tours the fairgrounds and invites children to participate. Colorful costumes and child-friendly direction is given in each act. The 10-act program features a variety of circus acts from Tina the Tightrope Walker who climbs a make-believe ladder 100 feet in the air to Zazelle the Human Cannonball. No skill or talent is required and the experience leaves children with a strong sense of creativity and resourcefulness.

Fair fun just keeps getting better with the Birdman and Wings of the World, another daily show.

This world-class bird show features eagles, macaws, pelicans, falcons, cockatoos, kookaburra, owls, parrots, and even a 10-foot wingspan condor in all-natural behaviors and free-flying in an avian super show.

Joe Krathwohl, known to many as “The Birdman,” travels the world creating free flight bird shows for zoos, parks and aquariums. In 2011 he provided trained Condor Programs at the National Geographic Visitor Center at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim.

These are the very same bird-stars who have been featured on the “Late Show with David Letterman,” Animal Planet, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and TV specials with Siegfried and Roy and David Copperfield.

Jeremy the Juggler’s roving entertainment includes many combinations of juggling, unicycling, stilt walking, performance origami, and balloon twisting all over the fairgrounds.

Jeremy Shafer has performed at numerous fairs including the California State Fair. He juggles up to nine balls, walks on stilts that make him 11 feet tall, and rides a unicycle all over town. He will also demonstrate the art of origami.

Entertainer Skip Banks packs his shows with hilarity. Balloon Man Banks will also return to the fair this year with his very physical style of comedy. If you have ever seen an NBA halftime show, chances are you have seen Skip Banks. His “Saturday Night Live” routines feature dancing and impersonations and, in his grand finale, Banks immerses himself in a giant inflated balloon.

His latest stunt is the “Presidancers” – four dancing life-size puppets of former presidents rocking out to music – but with a patriotic ending.