Mariposa & Yosemite

Caltrans wants public input on how to fix 140 rock slide area

Caltrans said it wants ongoing input from Merced River fishermen, campers, boaters and hikers about alternatives being considered for the permanent restoration of State Highway 140 at the Ferguson Rock Slide.

The agency said the survey would provide it with information and perceptions about the bridge and tunnel alternatives being considered for the restoration of Highway 140. Surveys are available at the Mariposa County Library or by request via e-mail at

Caltrans said it’s preparing an environmental document for the restoration project and will use the information collected from the public as part of the document.

The Ferguson Rock Slide occurred in April 2006, forcing the closure of Highway 140. A one-lane, two-bridge temporary bypass was installed to span the river and let traffic go around the slide area.

Caltrans said a permanent design solution would allow uninhibited traffic to flow along the corridor.