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Sen. Berryhill plans to introduce "Caylee's Law"

Sen. Tom Berryhill joined Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer and Fresno County District Attorney Elizabeth Egan today to introduce legislation he said will close a loophole like the one that allowed Casey Anthony to walk free after the death of her daughter.

"Caylee's Law" would make it a felony for a parent or caregiver not to report within two hours the death of a child. It would also be a felony not to report to police the disappearance of a child within 48 hours.

In the Florida case, Casey Anthony waited four weeks to report that her daughter, Caylee, was missing. When Casey Anthony was found not guilty of her daughter's murder, it prompted a national outcry that she could not be held responsible for failing to promptly notify police of Caylee's disappearance.

"Come to find out, California has a similar lapse which this law seeks to remedy," said Berryhill, who represents Mariposa County and the city of Chowchilla.