Two women suspected of ID theft totaling $1,000 in Merced

Two women are suspected of stealing and using credit cards in the Merced area, including Merced College, the Sheriff's Department said.

In July the Merced College campus police took a report of a stolen credit card from a locker in the pool area, where the suspects used the stolen card to buy items at the Family Clothes store in Merced, according to Deputy Tom Mackenzie.

In September, the same two suspects are believed to have been responsible for the use of a stolen credit card from a purse inside a classroom. Items were bought with the second stolen card at the Rancho San Miguel Market in Merced. The total so far of both cards is near $1,000, MacKenzie reported.

In the surveillance photos the suspects are seen shopping and leaving the store at the time of the thefts. The first suspect is described as a Latina female, about 5-feet-8-inches, 200 pounds, wearing a white sweater. The second suspect is a Latina female about 5-feet-4-inches, weighing 120 pounds.

Anyone with information about the identity of the suspects or about the case is asked to contact Officer Tim Martin at the Merced Community College District Police at (209) 384-6054.