Merced man busted for assault after he calls deputies to house in rent dispute

The Merced Sheriff's office said it arrested a man for assault with a deadly weapon -- after he called them to his house about a rent dispute.

On Sunday at 2:42 p.m. the Sheriff’s Office said it responded to the 2000 block of Lance Street in Merced on a report of a dispute between roommates. When Deputy Eric Nelson arrived on scene, he noticed 54-year-old Gerardo Lozano standing outside the residence, with a large amount of blood covering his head and face.

Lozano said his 45-year-old roommate hadn't been paying rent and wanted him out of the house. When he confronted him, the roommate began throwing items from inside the residence at him. Nelson called for medical attention and went to talk to the roommate. The roommate said that they have had ongoing problems and Lozano wanted him to move out, but since he has been paying rent, Lozano couldn't just throw him out of the house, according to Deputy Tom MacKenzie.

When the roommate came out of the bathroom, Lozano grabbed him by the shirt and a struggle began, according to authorites. Lozano grabbed a glass object off a table and struck the roommate in the head, causing a small cut when the object broke. Lozano then fell to the ground, striking his head on a glass lamp and breaking it, which is how the roommate said he suffered his injuries. Lozano then said he was going outside to call the Sheriff’s Office while the victim waited inside for them to arrive.

Lozano refused medical treatment by ambulance personnel, then confessed that he struck his head on something that was on the ground, suffering the injury. He denied hitting the roommate with anything. When asked how much alcohol he had drunk, Lozano said he'd consumed about two quarts of beer.

Lozano was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and booked on $30,000 bail.