More on those bricks

I thought I would share with readers a few extra bits of information about the brick campaign for the UC Merced Little Lake Amphitheater project.


After the graduation committee came to a consensus on the project, Lyons looked up information on some of the best brick fundraising companies. They went with Fund Raisers, Ltd., out of Boise, Idaho.


Nearby, the company is responsible for the engraved pavers at McCovey Point in China Basin Park near the San Francisco Giant’s stadium.


The interesting bit is how Lyons settled on that company. UC Merced professor Christopher Viney completed an analysis of five brick samples from companies across the country, Lyons said.


The gift committee was concerned that the product may not be able to handle Merced’s temperature extremes.


“We wanted to make sure that it was an investment that would stand the test of time,” Lyons said.


Now that they have started business with the company, things seem to be going well.


Lyons recently learned that Fund Raisers is donating a $2,000 granite slab to commemorate first lady Michelle Obama’s commencement visit. The company will also provide the first lady with a keepsake replica, Lyons said.