Transitions- A look at the past and present

Roger Wyan asked to take my photo my freshman year. He seemed like a really nice guy and he had this camera set out right outside the mail room so each time I would get the mail I would see him taking pictures of all of my friends. He never used my picture, and I never got to see it, which made me a little sad, but I figured it might have been a good idea if I looked terrible in it! Roger asked me again to take my picture as a senior so I took it even though I knew he hadn't used my photo. Just recently, he posted the pictures side by side before the opening of the exhibit, in the Koilligan Library on campus, on his facebook.

I can't believe it, here it is.

blog post photo

I looked so different!I can remember everything from my freshman year. I'm glad I learned how to smile better in a picture! 

I'm so happy I had Roger Wyan take my photo and this entire project is something I really appreciate because it completely focuses on the students and their personal stories about their time at UC Merced. I suggust everyone come out and see some these photos!

As for my own personal transition: When I was in high school I did a lot to get into a good college. I worked very hard and put myself into AP courses, joined clubs, and volunteered at several places. Although I really enojoyed all theses activities I know that I did them solely to get into college. Now, I have started clubs and invested a lot of time on special projects but I did all these things because I wanted to, because I saw the need to. I also recognize that all these projects I have worked on would not have been available to me if I hadn't come to UC Merced.

Transitions is on display on the third floor of Koilligan Library at UC Merced.