UC Merced Graduation Reception

I was super excited to go the graduation reception that the school and Dennis Cardoza were throwing for us. Everyone was talking about the resolution that was passed and everyone was expecting to have a good time and take a chance to recognize all our hard work from the last 4 years. The rooftop was a very nice setting and the speeches were also very nice.

However; I don't think anyone was honored for their own achievements which was kind of a letdown. There was mentioned of the people who brought Michelle Obama to give the keynote speech but they weren’t even mentioned by name. Everyone had heard how at graduation there will be little time for more personal speeches made to recognize certain students but I figured that at the graduation reception there would be plenty of time. I think a lot of the students are very much starting to get frustrated that they can't even share their work with their peers.

There was a senior challenge held earlier this year that gave some money to seniors who could create something helpful for our campus. A group of engineers got together and decided to build a light up walk way. The walkway had to be changed into an LED light board that could display any image since the graduation has been changed to the afternoon and the lights will not be bright enough. They also thought they could incorporate several other majors to help out. They actually hired out art students to make a painting of graduation displaying the walkway. That painting was displayed for only a minute and then placed on the floor (apparently we can’t get an easel) ... The engineers also made a video showing how hard they worked on the project (several hours during their own spring break) to show their peers how they are building it. They were told there was not enough time to show this minute long video at the reception…

This is very disappointing, there are several other students and projects that I know should be- and deserve to be- honored by their peers, if not at graduation, then at this reception. I think the worst part is that I also made a video to post and asked several students to ask what they thought of the party and they only had nice things to say. All week we have been very gracious to the school and never stated any of our grievances that we have had during the past four years. We are all very proud of our school but I think it’s about time that we get the chance to recognize our achievements, just to each other, in room full of our friends who made it all possible.  

In this next video I had my friend Kacy Marume VJ and there are some highlights. There are also comments from students and in the last clip you’ll see me.


Side note: Brie is actually one of four female engineers to graduate and the female engineers are noted to be the ones that started several clubs and were the student leaders for several projects. So I just want to take a second to be very proud of them, YOU ARE AMAZING!