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President: Hillary Clinton.

U.S. Senate: Kamala Harris.

Prop 51, $9 billion school construction bonds. Yes. For more than a century, the state has used such bonds to fund school buildings; this one includes rennovations.

Prop 52, Hospital fees extension. Yes. Even the hospitals are in favor of taxing themselves to provide better care for the poor.

Prop 53, Voter approval for bonded projects in excess of $2 billion. Undecided.

Prop 54, Legislative transparency. Yes. Would require all legislation to be available to the public for 72 hours before a vote can be taken.

Prop 55, Education tax extension. Yes. We don’t like extending taxes, but without it teachers and other educators could be laid off.

Prop 56, Tobacco tax. Yes. After 16 years, it’s time to increase the price per pack to make tobacco use less affordable.

Prop 57, Revisions in parole structure. Undecided. Gov. Jerry Brown considers this his most important legacy, but local law enforcement are adamantly opposed.

Prop 58, Bilingual education. Yes. Allows students to learn subject matter in their first language.

Prop 59, Citizens United referendum. Yes. It shouldn’t be on the ballot, but the Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited hidden political contributison should be overturned.

Prop 60, Condon for pornography actors. No. It will be impossible to police this industry and we don’t like allowing lawyers to for rewards.

Prop 61, Drug pricing limits. No. Unintended consequences of this initiative could increase drug prices for veterans and everyone else.

Prop 62, Abolish death penalty. Undecided.

Prop 63, Limits on ammunition purchases. Undecided.

Prop 64, Recreational marijuana. Yes. Learning from legalization efforts in Colorado and Oregon, this is our best chance to control and tax an existing underground industry.

Prop 65, Disposable bag fees. No. This is subtrefuge, an effort to overturn the state ban enacted in 2014.

Prop 66, Death-penalty speed up. Undecided.

Prop 67, Disposable bag referendum. Yes. This reaffirms the ban on plastic bags.