Key moments in Wasden's tenure

AUGUST 2000: Hired as Modesto's police chief, filling a void left by the forced retirement of Paul Jefferson a year earlier

SEPTEMBER 2000: Modesto SWAT team members raid a home, killing 11-year-old Alberto Sepulveda. The city later settles a lawsuit filed by the family for $2.55 million.

DECEMBER 2002: Laci Peterson, eight months pregnant with her first child, is reported missing from her Modesto home on Christmas Eve. The investigation leads to the arrest of her husband, Scott Peterson, on murder charges the next spring. He is convicted and sent to death row in 2005.

APRIL 2003: Modesto is ranked first in the country for per-capita auto thefts -- a dubious distinction the city and county earn for three of the next four years.

MARCH 2005: A national law enforcement oversight agency finds the Police Department met the standards necessary for accreditation. Three years later, it is renewed -- making Modesto one of five municipal agencies in California to achieve and maintain accreditation.

LABOR DAY 2006: Hundreds of teens, many of them black, flood downtown after a "hyphy" concert at a nightclub. Police call for reinforcements after attacks are reported. Wasden later pushes for ordinances prohibiting people from attending street races and events linked with them, such as hyphy, as well as restrictions on dancing. The city creates an entertainment commission to make recommendations.

OTHER LAWS: Wasden also has influence in other ordinances passed by the City Council: a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries (September 2006), increased punishment for adults who furnish alcohol to minors (March 2007) and a ban on Dumpster diving (January 2008).

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