Births (6/1/09)

The Bee publishes birth information from Kaiser Modesto Medical Center, Memorial Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center and Oak Valley Hospital. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center, do not provide the information. If a birth is not listed, either ask the hospital to release the information or submit a copy of the birth certificate to The Bee. Families also can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section; for information, call 578-2053.



Kaiser Modesto Medical Center

May 26

DENSMORE: Kimberly and Brian, Manteca, boy

NAVARRO: Angie and Pablo

Palominos Jr., Modesto, boy

May 25

CONTRERAS: Maria and Ezequiel, Riverbank, girl

CONTRERAS: Maria and Jaime, Modesto, boy

JOHNSON: Monica and Scott, Riverbank, boy

VILLAFAN: Patricia and Jason Caballero, Atwater, girl

May 24

BALLARD: Kelly and Adam, Modesto, girl

KEGLEY: Shirynne and Ryan, Modesto, boy

SOURIYARANGSY: Kampheng and Somsy, Stockton, boy

May 23BORGES: Tenisha and Adam, Turlock, boy

CHEEK: Courtney and Griffin, Manteca, boy

MESKANYAR: Razia and Abdullah, Tracy, boy

NUNO: Angelica and Bernardo, Patterson, boy

May 22

ALMENDAREZ: Ashley and Anthony Coock, Stockton, boy

GAGANTE: Redemcion and Joseph, Riverbank, girl

HOLCK: Marissa and Matthew, Ripon, girl

RAMISCAL: Marita and Dexter Valdez, Lathrop, boy

SARMIENTO: Sara and Benjamin, Tracy, boy

YBANEZ: Janette and Vincent, Tracy, girl

May 21

BETTS: Alisa and Donald, Ceres, girl

FRANSEN: Kelly and Noah, Lodi, boy

REYES: Ranay and Daniel III, Modesto, boy

TORRES: Karla and Dale, Patterson, girl

WALSH: Aleyda and Jeffrey, Turlock, girl

May 20

McLEOD: Melissa and Robert Mys, Ripon, boy

SREY: Chan and James Straley, Stockton, girl

STATZER: Jennifer and Michael, Modesto, boy

April 30

PHOMPONG: Leslie and Hang, Modesto, girl

April 23

HIATT-METTLER: Merrie and Douglas Mettler, Lodi, girl

Memorial Medical Center

May 25

HAUSELMANN: Sara and Josh, Oakdale, boy

MARAVILLA: Angela and Christopher Chavez, Livingston, girl

May 23

CORRALES: Valerie and Alfredo Delgado Jr., Modesto, girl

GOMES: Jocelyn and Brannon, La Grange, girl

WILDMAN: Jessica and Brandon Debrito, Ripon, boy

May 22

ISOM: Caroline and Joseph Lara, Modesto, boy

McDANIEL: Heather and Eddie, Modesto, girl

PADGETT: Jessica and Daniel, Oakdale, girl

VALDEZ: Alicia and Jose, Modesto, girl

May 21

GARCIA: Lorena and Alex, Oakdale, girl

PIERCE: Elyse and John, Modesto, boy

SUAREZ: Rachel and Christopher, Modesto, boy

VIGIL: Maria and Alfredo Hernandez, Oakdale, girl

May 20

DUBBS: Robin and Matthew, Modesto, boy

KAUR: Lakhvir and Sarbjit, Modesto, girl

LEWIS: Nicole and David, Modesto, boy

NELLE: Kelly and Steve, Turlock, boy

PETERSON: Belinda and Chad, Modesto, girl

May 19

DAVIS: Candice and Donald Lee, Riverbank, girl

KAISER: Nichole and Matthew, Sonora, boy

ORTIZ: Blanca and Gabriel, Atwater, boy

May 18

WINTERS-BURCH: Regina and Darrell Burch, Modesto, girl

May 16

CRANE: Vanessa and Anthony, Keyes, girl


Emanuel Medical Center

May 28

AVALOS: Brenda, Delhi, girl

SOTO: Maria and Baldemar, Hickman, girl

WIK: Victoria, Hilmar, boy

May 27

CRUZ: Sofia and Lucio, Winton, boy

PATTERSON: Nicole, Turlock, boy

May 26

KEUP: Amber and Maxwell, Turlock, girl

LUCAS: Melissa, Delhi, girl

PEARSON: Kandice and Jonathan, Turlock, boy

May 25

DAVIS: Ashley and Brian, Turlock, boy

May 24

CERVANTES: Salud and Karlo

Pereida, Turlock, boy

CHAVEZ: Lorena, Turlock, boy

CRAVEN: Colette, Merced, boy

KAUR: Sukhjeet and Avtar Bagri, Delhi, girl

MARCOUS: Mari and Dani Nissan, Turlock, boy

May 23

ESHAGHBEKOSSI: Yonica and Youkhana Badal, Turlock, girl

MEDRANO: Rutilia, Turlock, boy

PEREZ: Maria and Rogelio Mendoza, Delhi, boy

SMITH: Stella and Dennis, Pioneer, girl

May 22

BOWEN: Ariana and Brian, Ceres, boy

BOYKO: Jamie and Matt, Turlock, boy

CASILLAS: Mayra, Livingston, girl

May 21

MALDONADO: Lupe, Turlock, boy