License to Wed (6/1/09)

ALHOMADY-GUZMAN -- Rathwon and Deysy

ANDREWS-STEELE -- Jeffery and Penelope

BATES-FARIA -- Aaron and Michelle

BIDNAMROODI-ZAMIRI -- Pierre and Raheleh

BOVENKERK-BRADSHAW -- Michael and Patricia

CROSS-BAAY -- David and Analou

DIAZ-FARIAS -- Modesta and Miguel

GARCIA-GOMEZ -- Maria and Porfirio

GODBEE-GOSNELL -- Shannon and Megan

GOWER-LEA -- Lisa and Brian

HARDRICK-LISTMAN -- Aaron and Joehauna

HUSON-SILVEIRA -- Tyler and Sara

JELINEK-HOMEN -- Kyle and Cherie

LEDEZMA-CARRILLO -- Pedro and Yury

OPPELT-LUND -- Keith and Elisabeth

ORTIZ-GARCIA -- Melanie and Toby

OXFORD-FIEDLER -- Glenda and James

PETERS-BROWN -- Luke and Erika

REEVES-LANGSTON -- Stephen and Viki

ROBINSON-OLESEN -- Janine and Bryon

RODRIGUEZ-GARCIA -- Nuvian and Jesse

RUBIO-ALCANTAR -- Eric and Ana

SANCHEZ-SCHIPPER -- Benjamin and Jennifer

SANDOVAL-MAGALLON -- Maria and Javier

SCHULETER-GUEL -- Sherri and Victor

TAFOLLA-VIRRUETA -- Armando and Ramona

TEIXEIRA-RAMSAY -- Jennifer and Matthew

TORRES-GARCIA -- Annette and Francisco

VELAZQUEZ-DIAZ -- Jose and Maria

VILAS-JOHNSON -- Rod and Carrie

VITORINO-ALVES -- Drual and Soni

ZAMUDIO-SANDOVAL -- Jorge and Rosio

Source: Stanislaus Record Facts