Question of the Week: What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?

Kevin Davidson, Junior, Beyer High School

"Honestly, I believe that Michael Jackson was a little bit before my time, and my music taste really doesn't include the enticing pop songs created by the King of Pop. But my dad, on the other hand, has very clearly stated that his favorite MJ song is 'Man in the Mirror,' undoubtedly for its message of hope ... or its catchy tune, I really don't know."

Victoria Pardini, Senior, Modesto High School

"Without a doubt, my favorite Michael Jackson song is 'Billie Jean.' Though unlike some of his other hits, it doesn't have fun supplemental dance moves or creative lyrics, hearing it always puts me in a good mood."

Emily Kay Shrader, Senior, Enochs High School

"This is embarrassing, but I've always been a little afraid of Jackson's epic song, 'Thriller.' When I hear it, I feel like I've just walked into a mansion on Halloween where the creepy ghosts have suddenly decided to have a dance party. For that very reason, I guess it's my favorite song of his! Not many songs can have such a lasting impact on me like that song has."

Maggie White, Freshman, Valley Charter High School

"My favorite Michael Jackson song -- and pretty much the only one I've ever heard -- is 'Thriller.' I danced to it in a jazz class a while ago and really liked the sound of it."

Rachel Crowley, Junior, Ripon High School

"I think my favorite Michael Jackson song is probably 'Beat It.' It's got a pretty cool guitar and everything, and it's fun to listen to sometimes. I'm not a huge fan of his or anything, but 'Beat It' is a relatively good song, and one of those that'll live on in covers for ages, too."

Breiana Theodore, Senior, Big Valley Christian

"I'm not really much of a fan, but if I had to choose one, I'd choose 'Scream.'"

Dionne Evans, Graduate, Johansen High School

"I really like 'Thriller.' I like it mostly because of the music video. I used to be so scared to watch it when I was little, but now it's my favorite video. I put it on my MySpace page every Halloween."

Edgar Sanchez, Junior, Johansen High School

"My favorite Michael Jackson song is 'Billie Jean,' no doubt about it. The song has an awesome beat, good lyrics and keeps being one of the best pop songs in music history. I would have to say 'Billie Jean' and 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' ' are the top songs on my iPod's playlist. Michael Jackson's music keeps mesmerizing many, including me. His loss was heartbreaking, but his music will live on forever."