Pickup truck sideswipes car, rams another in downtown Modesto

A man lost control of his pickup truck this afternoon, sideswiped a parked car and plowed into the back of another, sending it 120 feet down H Street in downtown Modesto, police and witnesses said.

Marco Moreno was walking out of The Modesto Bee building and was 10 feet from his Lincoln Continental when he saw the Chevrolet pickup heading toward his car.

“When I saw the truck coming, I knew there was no way my car isn’t going to get hit,” he said.

After scraping the driver's side of Moreno's car, the truck rammed into the back of a Honda Accord, sending the four-door sedan down the street. It came to a rest in the crosswalk at H and 13th streets.

Meanwhile, the pickup truck got a little airborne before coming to a stop perpendicular to the curb, Moreno said. He he helped the man, whose name was not available, out of the truck and onto the sidewalk.

Police officer Scott Myers said the driver might have suffered a seizure. The driver was given oxygen on the curb and taken to a hospital.

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