X-Fest under way as crowds start to move in

The Xclamation Festival opened in typical style tonight, with a lot of music and a lot of fans.

There's also heat. The downtown temperature at 10 p.m. was 90 degrees, and the musicians were feeling the effects early, tweeted Bee staff writer Lisa Millegan.

Millegan is "tweeting" from the festival, and her last of many updates came in a few minutes ago. Follow her at

After a light crowd early on -- typical for X-Fest -- things started getting crowded downtown by 8 p.m. By 10 p.m., you could hear police asking for further assistance as the crowds began to swell for some of the top performers.

Hundreds gathered to watch Lit at about 8 p.m., and the streets were filling up as they concluded their final set.

At a little after 10, Millegan tweeted: "Bubba Sparxxx (booty, booty) is getting the biggest crowd I've seen all night. They're packed in shoulder to shoulder."

She also tweeted about streets littered with empty beer cups and "beehives and ratted hair are back in!"

As for the heat, it's certainly not the hottest X-Fest. Today's high temperature of 103 is tied for the third hottest X-Fest. In 2006, it was 111, in 2003 it was 106 and in 2005, it also reached 103.

The coolest? In 2001, the high was a "brisk" 80 degrees.

Of course, those are the highs, which come around 4 p.m. By nightfall, temperatures generally have dipped into the 60s and below with the exception of the killer heat wave of 2006.

Stay with for updates throughout the evening.

See below for raw video of Lit performing 'Miserable'

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