Modesto sizzles for a sixth straight day

Can't stand the heat? Pin your hopes on Wednesday. That's when temperatures are expected to dip all the way down to 100 degrees, forecasters say.

After that, stay indoors and crank up the air conditioning for the next five days or so. The triple- digit trend should stick around through the weekend, with temperatures expected to reach 105 on Friday, said meteorologist Jim Mathews of the National Weather Service in Sacramento.

"If you're looking for temperatures of below 100 for Modesto, I guess it's not going to be this week," Mathews said Sunday. "We get into these spells at least two or three times a summer."

Sunday's high was 105 downtown at the Modesto Irrigation District and 106 at the airport. It was the sixth day in a row of above 100 temperatures.

The culprit is a high- pressure system trapping a "hot dome of air" over the West, Mathews said. A low-pressure system is expected to push a trickle of cooler air midweek, but it will do little to lower the temperature.

In fact, forecasters say the region is on track to easily surpass the heat streak set in 2006, when Modesto saw eight sweaty days of triple-digit temps.

Modesto's current heat wave started Tuesday with a 101-degree high.

"It looks like the pattern isn't going to change much," Mathews said. "It's just going to sit there for the next 10 days."

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