Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors Watch

Stanislaus County supervisors are scheduled tonight to:

— Adopt plans for a $3 million storm drain project in central Empire, including new streets, curbs and gutters. State grants and county redevelopment money was set aside for construction, which could begin in October and finish by June. However, county officials intend soon to create a services district composed of affected property owners to pay for street sweeping and park services. Annual fees have yet to be determined.

— Lower speed limits from 55 mph to 45 mph near Denair on Tuolumne Road from Waring to Lester roads, and near Valley Home on a Highway 120 frontage road east of Cleveland Avenue

— Approve installing "No Parking Anytime" signs north of Service Road, east of Crows Landing Road near Ceres; in front of Aura Hardwoods on Riverside Drive in east Modesto; east of Fox Road and Euclid Avenue near Hughson; north of California Avenue in front of Paradise School in west Modesto; and east of Lester Road north of Main Street near Denair Abandon Cloutier Drive, a little-used frontage road west of Salida Boulevard. The street, measuring 1.74 acres with an estimated value of $34,000, would be offered for sale to adjacent property owners.

— Buy an easement needed for a $700,000 traffic signal installation near Patterson. Dixie Juanita Reichmuth, who owns 0.03 acres northeast of Las Palmas and Elm avenues, would be paid $4,680.

— Supervisors also are scheduled to review proposed changes to assessments in several service districts, including a 73 percent increase in Westley's Howard-McCracken landscape and lighting district. Pacific Gas & Electric rate increases are forcing annual payments to jump from $641 to $1,108 per parcel.

Other fees to be altered:

— Community Services Area 26 in Keyes, formed by merging three former districts for parks and storm drains, with a new fee of $160

— Riopel in Denair, increasing $283 to $340, or 20 percent with future increases of 20 percent in the following two years. A park previously maintained by a housing developer has become the county park system's responsibility.

— Riverdale, southwest of Modesto, increasing 12 percent to $50 because of an increase in Turlock Irrigation District rates

— Shackelford in south Modesto, increasing 11 percent to $33

— Atlas Park in east Oakdale, increasing 10 percent to $560

— Summit, an industrial park in north Modesto, increasing 10 percent to $130

— Paradise South in west Modesto, increasing 3 percent to $51

— Hideaway Terrace in Denair, decreasing 27 percent to $620

Old School North in Denair, decreasing 18 percent to $840

— Hillsborough-Schutz in east Oakdale, decreasing 18 percent to $59

— Olive Ranch Estates in east Oakdale, decreasing 13 percent to $624 because of a reduced parks budget

—Tuolumne-Gratton in Denair, decreasing 6 percent to $165 in Sterling Ranch and by 11 percent to $43 in Runyan Estates

— Bret Harte in south Modesto, decreasing 4 percent to $39

—Riverview, southwest of Modesto, decreasing 3 percent to $42