Local officials sound off on state budget

“Simply put, the state budget deal is illegal. They are robbing Peter to pay Paul and it simply isn’t going to work.”— Kristin Olsen, Modesto vice mayor

“If they do this to us, the city of Riverbank will be cq Riverbroke.”— Danny Fielder, Riverbank city councilman

“We laid off (23) employees to balance our budget. That’s probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to do as mayor.”— John Lazar, Turlock mayor

“It will devastate us all. This is far beyond what we can do.”— Chris Vierra, Ceres vice mayor

“They can’t create a big enough safety net. We’re the folks who will suffer from it.”— Birgit Fladager, Stanislaus County district attorney

(Addressing state leaders): “We have made our cuts, now you make yours. You made the mess, now you clean it up.”— Janice Keating, Modesto city councilwoman

“I’ve threatened to call all the grandmas in the county, get on a bus and go to the Capitol with paddles.”— Sandra Benitez, Riverbank city councilwoman

“(Local agencies are) hit first and hardest and it takes us longer to recover.”— Mary Jackson, Turlock city councilwoman

“The heart of the problem is California’s anti-business climate.”— Jim DeMartini, Stanislaus County supervisor

“Before we know it, we’re all going to end up bankrupt.”— Sharon Silva, Turlock Chamber of Commerce president

“I implore you to call (state representatives). Help us put the heat on Sacramento. Tell them to do what’s right.”— Ed Katen, Newman mayor