Ten Tips for Yard Sale Success

BE VISIBLE: If you live on a quiet street, advertising is important. Put an ad in the paper, online, on the corner. Just make sure your sign is sturdy, legible and clear.

FIND SHADE: Think about it, on a hot day in the valley would you shop longer in the shade or direct sun?

DISPLAY PROMINENTLY: Use foldout tables, clothes racks, etc. to display your wares. No one wants to hunch over a pile on the ground or dig through boxes.

PRICE FAIRLY: Be realistic about your pricing and know how much you want to part with each item. Most bargain hunters won't pay more than a couple of dollars for small, simple items.

THINK DATES: It's often best to hold your yard sale at the beginning of the month, when most people get paid and will have some extra cash to spend.

START EARLY: Many die-hard yard sale shoppers are early birds because they know that's when the best selection is. Try to start weekday sales by 7 a.m., weekend by 8 a.m.

LEAVE SPACE: Make sure there is enough space between tables, items, etc. for people to browse.

MAKE CHANGE: Have at least $25 in $1 bills and an assortment of larger bills and small change.

CLEAN UP: Make sure all of your items are clean, unbroken and operational. Items that are less than perfect should be marked "as is." Be willing to plug in electronics.

BE NEGOTIABLE: People want a bargain, so be flexible. Offer discounts for multiple purchases. Just know your floor.

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