Empire mobile home water trouble far from solved

EMPIRE — Residents at the Pinewood Meadows Mobile Home Park have water, but not much. And they still have to boil what comes out of the tap before cooking with it or drinking it.

A water main break at the 177-space park east of here Aug. 13 left the water system contaminated.

Environmental health manager Denise Wood of the Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources said Monday the park has implemented a temporary fix to the water main, but a long-term solution has yet to get under way.

"They are still on a boiled water notice," Wood said. Plans for a water distribution project have been approved by the county, but the state Department of Housing and Community Development has yet to sign off on them.

Wood did not know how long that might take. "I sure tried to get an answer to that," she said. "They said the sooner the plans get up there, the sooner they can be approved."

In the meantime, residents are finding decreased water pressure, but they have sufficient water to flush toilets. "I have to shower every day at my mother's house, and I have no running water in my kitchen," Rosa Baker said.

Evans Management Group of Santa Cruz manages the park. Owner Greg Evans said the timeline for repairs is between the contractor and the park owner and depends on money coming through the federal government.

"It's my understanding work is going to begin relatively quickly," he said.

While residents wait, the park is providing bottled water at the property clubhouse.

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