Modesto Council Watch

The Modesto City Council on Tuesday voted 6-0 to:

Approve $102,715 in cost-saving measures with ValleyCrest golf course maintenance of Calabasas, including eliminating a second night waterman at Dryden Park golf course, reducing tree care and putting off equipment purchases.

Extending an on-call engineering services agreement with Carollo Engineers of Phoenix, adding $8,338 to the contract for waste-water-specific services. Since 2006-07, the city has paid Carollo $437,338 for on-call engineering services.

An item on a $363,357 contract with Brown and Caldwell engineering firm and a $7,870,609 contract with Colich & Sons, L.P. of Gardena for construction and design support on a waste-water pipeline was continued to the Oct. 27 meeting.

Councilman Will O'Bryant was absent.

— Leslie Albrecht