Meet the Candidate: Kristin Olsen, Modesto City Council, District 5

The following is a questionnaire sent out by The Bee to candidates for the November 2009 election. Candidates supplied the answers, and they are being published it their unedited form.

What is your full, legal name? Kristin Michelle Olsen

What name do you prefer be used in print? Kristin Olsen

What office do you seek? Modesto City Council, District 5

What is the primary reason you are running for this office? I am running for City Council because I love Modesto and want to ensure that the decisions made at City Hall protect the interests of taxpayers and families, particularly in these difficult economic times. As elected leaders, we must emphasize core services such as public safety so that our communities are safe and pleasant places to live.

What will be your single most important priority if you get elected? Fighting against methamphetamine and gangs will be my top priority. They are at the root of most criminal activity in Modesto, and they cannot be tolerated. I will continue the fight to keep police officers on the streets through budget accountability and prioritizing core services.

What sets you apart from the other candidates? I have real-world experience and a proven track record of advocating for citizen and community concerns – both large and small. My husband and I are raising our three children in Modesto and, therefore, have a strong vested interest in the safety of our neighborhoods and in Modesto’s quality of life.

Where do you work and what is your job title? (If retired, list position before retirement) I am the Assistant Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs at CSU Stanislaus

What date were you born and where? January 19, 1974 in Modesto, CA at Memorial Hospital.

What is your spouse's name, if any? Rod Olsen.

What are the names and ages of your children, if any? J.T. – 7, Sophie – 5 in Oct., Grady – 2 in Oct.

Please list the schools and colleges you attended, the degrees you attained and when. Modesto High School ’92, Westmont College ’96 – BA in Communication Studies

Have you ever held an elected or appointed public office? (Include dates and office title)

Vice Mayor, Modesto (appointed) – 2009-Present

Modesto City Councilmember (elected) – 2005-Present

Modesto Planning Commissioner (appointed) – 2004-2005

Have you run before for an elected public office? (Include dates and exact office title) Yes. Modesto City Council – Ran and won in fall 2005.

Approximately how much money do you expect to spend on your campaign? A specific dollar amount is yet to be determined. I will raise and spend as much as it takes to get my message out to the voters of District 5.

Have you ever been convicted or charged with a crime other than a minor traffic violation? If so, please explain and include dates and locations. No.

Have you or a business you owned or had principal interest in ever filed bankruptcy? If so, please include dates and the location the bankruptcy was filed. No.