WorkWise Blog Tip: Stop procrastinating

“People are good at finding ways to delay a job search,” says Dave Sanford, ( “Whether the job market is strong or weak from a hiring standpoint, no time is better or worse, because companies are always looking for good talent. The bad market often serves as a convenient excuse for people to delay a job search, though. The best time to advance your career is right this minute. Stop making excuses.”

So, think about it as eating a four-course meal.

First, get ready to appear at the table. Cart your duds to the cleaners; your locks, to scissors. Spit-shine your shoes.

Define what you want. Pinpoint where to find it. Give clues on your resume and in your elevator pitch that you belong there.

Eat your veggies and the main course. Take control of your calendar. Carve out a block a day to see at least one prospective employer. Carve a telephone block for calling at least 10 employers. Carve a research block to identify employers for the next day. Carve a block for sending out resumes and cover letters. Enough carving. Apply online as an afterthought.

Dessert’s up next. GO for it!

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