For teens: Modesto Bee ugly holiday sweater photo contest

It's December and a chill is in the air. For fashionistas, that means only one thing: hideous holiday sweaters!

As you read this page, Mom is digging out the winter clothes from storage. It's inevitable that she'll retrieve that dreadful reindeer-and-elf sweater that your Aunt Eunice and Uncle Reginald gave you for Christmas last year. Or maybe it's a "Weasley sweater," one of the homemade monstrosities that Harry Potter and his mate Ron Weasley receive each year from Ron's mother.

We know that hundreds of Modesto-area teens have ugly pullovers, cardigans and vests in their dressers and closets, so why not show them off?

The fashion-conscious members of The Bee's Teens in the Newsroom program invite you to participate in our first, quite-possibly-annual, Ugly Holiday Sweater Photo Contest.

The rules are easy: Have a friend take a picture of you wearing the sweater, then submit the photo to The Bee.

You can do so in two ways. Scroll to the bottom of the story and upload the photo from your computer using the upload widget. Or send your photo via e-mail to (That's real handy if you use a cell-phone camera.)

All teenagers may enter except members of The Bee's Teens in the Newsroom program.

Entry deadline is Dec. 15.

All photos become property of The Bee and may be used in print and online. Beware: The uglier the sweater, the greater the chances we'll publish it!

The losing, er, winning, entry will be announced in Buzzz on Dec. 24. The winner will receive a case of Rockstar energy drinks, compliments of Varni Brothers 7-UP Modesto.