Detective breaks up potential Merced County rooster fight event

A Turlock man was arrested and a rooster fighting event potentially featuring up to 150 birds was broken up thanks to the quick work of a Merced County detective.

On Saturday night, Brandon Thomas of the Merced Sheriff’s Office received information about a potential rooster fight in the 22000 block of River Road near Stevinson.

Thomas, who works for the county's agriculture Sheriff's Tactical and Reconnaissance team (STAR), stopped a truck nearby heading to the event, and confiscated four fighting roosters.

The animals were turned over to Merced County Animal Control and the owner, Luis Flores, 47, of Turlock, was arrested on charges of possession of roosters for the purpose of fighting, cited and released.

Thomas then went to the fight location along with Animal Control and the Humane Society and discovered 10 more fighting birds, along with several dead roosters.

The animals were confiscated and the owner of the residence was cited by Animal Control for violations relating to inhumane treatment to animals.

The fight that was scheduled had reports of up to 150 birds that were to fight and possibly 250 attendees.

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