Everett student offers chilling description of fatal incident

An 11-year-old student at Catherine Everett Elementary School said the woman who walked onto campus with a knife today appeared to be bleeding profusely after she cut herself with what police described as a butcher knife or meat cleaver.

“She was like bleeding to death,” Devin Walski said.

The sixth grader saw the woman while he walked from a classroom to music practice, he said.

A yard duty officer ordered Walski and two friends inside a classroom and police came onto on the campus. Moments later, Walski heard four gunshots.

“It was really scary. I was afraid for all my friends in my classroom, and the little kids,” he said.

Police officers shot the woman at the campus about 2:15 p.m. The school has been on lockdown, with groups of students still being escorted off the site.

Some of them are crying. Walski said he isn’t sure if he’ll go to school Wednesday.

He described the woman as wearing a flower print dress and having curly blond hair. Police said she was white and in her 50s.