Valley Springs on alert as shootings investigated

SACRAMENTO — Law enforcement authorities in Northern California are stepping up patrols as they investigate a series of drive-by shootings in Valley Springs.

Six shootings of vehicles were reported Tuesday near the Calaveras County town of about 2,500 people. No injuries were reported.

One small-caliber bullet smashed a driver's side and passenger window, while another hit a windshield. Two others struck drivers' doors just below the windows. Shots fired into a home in Valley Springs on Dec. 17 also might be connected to the highway shootings, officials said.

Investigators said they were not aware of any connection among the victims and do not have a motive.

There have not been any reports of shootings since then, Calaveras County sheriff's Sgt. Dave Seawell said Thursday. "Last night, thankfully, was quiet," he said.

The Sheriff's Department called in all available personnel to patrol the Valley Springs area. California Highway Patrol officers in the area also are on alert for anything suspicious, officer Rebecca Myers said.

"It's so random, it's hard to say (what to do)," she said. "Just be very aware of vehicles that are approaching you."

Authorities are looking for a light-colored, late-model sedan seen after one of the shootings. Seawell urged motorists to be alert and call 911 if they see anything "even remotely out of the ordinary."