AT&T boosts 3G in the Modesto area

Recently completed upgrades to AT&T's network in Modesto should have iPhone users noticing fewer dropped calls.

AT&T has made more than $12 million in network improvements in the Modesto area since 2007, the company announced this week. AT&T expanded the capacity of its 3G network, the system iPhones and other smart phones use. The company added 12 new 3G cell towers and made other changes that will improve processing speed.

"In Modesto, our customers are going to have a better 3G experience. They're going to feel it in a very low dropped call rate, broader reach and better in-building coverage," said AT&T spokeswoman Gina Pernetti.

AT&T has experienced problems with its 3G network in San Francisco and New York, cities with large numbers of iPhone users.

"We were getting feedback because the experience was less than what is acceptable, so that's where we focused our investment," Pernetti said. "Customers are telling us they're starting to see improvement."

A recent test conducted by the tech Web site Gizmodo found that AT&T had the fastest 3G network in 12 cities.

AT&T recently announced an iPhone application designed to pinpoint problems with network performance. The free application, Mark The Spot, lets users report the exact location of network blackouts.

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