Tips to organize closet, kitchen, kids stuff and other home areas

Closet organization

It doesn't matter how pretty the bras and panties are. If you want frilly underwear, then wear them everyday. Do not leave them in the drawer for a special occasion that never comes.

Throw away any individual sock that has not had its mate in two weeks.

No person needs more than 16 pairs of shoes.

Kitchen clutter

Your refrigerator is for food only. The top should be empty of everything except possibly dust.

The countertop should not have anything on it that does not relate to cooking.

Other than a toaster and a coffee maker that is used everyday, all other appliances should be stored in cupboards.

Childrens' clutter

Collect broken toys and throw them away.

Secretly collect good toys the child does not play with, box them up and put them in the garage. If the child does not ask for one of the toys within a month, donate them.

Donate old clothes and shoes immediately, before the child can grab a too-small pair of shoes and wear them to school.

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