Turlock High removed from underperforming schools list

TURLOCK — The State Board of Education has removed Turlock High from a list of underperforming schools.

Officials from Turlock, believing the school didn’t belong on the list of Persistently Low-Achieving Schools, applied for the waiver, unanimously approved this morning.

Turlock Unified School District Superintendent Sonny DaMarto hailed the decision, acknowledging the school needs to strive for improvement.

“It is unfortunate the staff, administrators and community had to be put through this unnecessary additional strain at a time of enormous pressure due to state budget cuts to education,” DaMarto said today.

An email sent to staff announced the decision. It got a better reaction than an email sent out Friday with the bad news that the school had been placed on the list, which could have resulted in drastic changes including dismissing the principal and staff or turning the campus into a charter school.

“It’s going to be a much better weekend than last weekend was,” Principal Dana Salles Trevethan said.