Waterford man seeks $24 million, calls 39 arrests 'harassment'

A Waterford man who says he's been arrested 39 times over the past decade has submitted a $24 million civil rights claim against Stanislaus County.

Henry Telles Sr., 54, spent one day in jail after a 2005 plea bargain and received a 90-day sentence after a 2003 arrest, he says in the claim. But the rest went his way and constitute "flagrant harassment" carried out "in a conspiratorially repugnant manner," the document reads.

"How can law enforcement justify, excuse or reconcile ... dismissals or acquittals 37 times?" Telles said.

He said he has been "ruthlessly and wrongfully shot with a Taser gun more often than any citizen in this county" by sheriff's deputies who provide police services in Waterford.

A list of his encounters alleges that deputies broke up a "Mary Kay products gathering" at Telles' home in July 2006 and that an "officer kept me naked in (sic) shower for over three hours, night stick in back" in August 2003.

Court records show a lengthy and diverse list of arrests for Telles since 2001. Many are seemingly minor offenses, such as garbage accumulation, having an inadequate muffler and expressing offensive words. Others appear more serious, such as cruelty against children and reckless driving.

His son, Henry W. Telles, 24, also submitted a recent claim against the county seeking $250,000 because deputies in January ignored a request to segregate him from other jail inmates. He was "brutally attacked" and suffered head trauma, according to the claim.

The Bee was unable to reach a county attorney for comment.

The younger Telles was arrested in 2008 on a $250,000 warrant as a suspect in a home invasion robbery in Turlock.