Loosen up gun permit laws

I agree with "Gun-permit process is careful" (April 5, Letters). California needs to change from a "may issue" to a "shall issue" state.

After spending hundreds of dollars in applying, passing firearm classes and being fingerprinted for state and federal criminal records and being found a good citizen, totally free of any sort of criminal record, you can be turned down for a permit because of the neighborhood where you live, your job, your surname or race.

"Self protection" should be sufficient. We don't need a bureaucrat determining how much our lives are worth.

While I like and admire both of our candidates for Stanislaus County sheriff, I will vote for the one whose attitude on gun permits is most like that of Margaret Mims, sheriff of Fresno County. Mims has a different attitude about concealed weapon permits.

Because she can't put a deputy with every citizen, she believes the world is safer when responsible citizens are able to protect themselves from criminals.

I couldn't agree more.



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