Wet, warm cycle to repeat in Stanislaus County

Rain and 30 mph wind made driving a little tricky Sunday as this year's wet spring continued.

There were a few reports of toppled trees across Stanislaus County. The wind even ripped the shingles off a roof on a 40-acre ranch north of Turlock.

The National Weather Serv-ice issued a wind advisory for the Central Valley, saying the powerful gusts could lead to broken tree limbs, scattered power failures and erratic driving conditions.

The storm will last through today, with lightning possible, with the rest of the week bringing a mostly clear and sunny sky, according to the weather service. It appears the recent warm, then cool, then warm weather will continue, at least for a week and a half.

The Modesto Irrigation District reported that 0.53 inch of rain had fallen Sunday as of 8 p.m. Temperatures were in the mid-50s, and snow was forecast for the higher foothills.

Modesto firefighters didn't have reports of weather- related damage as of Sunday afternoon.

"We were ready for it, but there are no wires down or tree limbs down," said Terry Inderbitzen, a Modesto Fire Department battalion chief.

National Weather Service forecaster George Cline said another storm Sunday could bring more rain.

Cline said it appears as though April will be a wetter month than normal. For instance, the Sacramento area usually records 1.17 inches of rain for the month, but the storm predicted for Sunday could bring nearly that much, he said.

Modesto's average April rainfall is 0.94 inch, according to MID records. Before Sunday's storm, 0.58 inch had fallen in Modesto.

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