Senator says he has Palin documents

A state senator who has been trying to find out how much the California State University, Stanislaus Foundation is paying Sarah Palin to come to campus says he’s gotten ahold of documents related to her contract.

Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, plans a press conference in Sacramento today. His office said students at the university found the information, some of which had been shredded.

Yee’s office said the documents show that the foundation is operated by state employees. Yee and others have asked for public records such emails related to the contract; his office said the university responded that there were none.

Foundation officers, citing a clause in the contract with Palin, have not said how much the former governor of Alaska and Republican vice-presidential candidate will be paid for her June appearance at a $500-a-plate fund-rasier. They said private donations will cover the fee.

Yee, who has written legislation that would make university foundation financial records public, asked the Attorney General’s office to investigate. Students will deliver the documents they found to the Attorney General’s office this morning, Yee’s office said.