No break-in at Hughson City Hall

A report of an attempted break-in at Hughson City Hall turned out to be unfounded.

Police Chief Janet Rasmussen said Monday that investigators looked into the matter after city staff found a scuff mark near the handle of the city's vault last week. But they determined the mark wasn't made by a marauder trying to get access to Hughson's valuables; a city employee had tried to use the wrong key to get into the vault.

"It's actually a room that contains old records," Rasmussen said.

There's no money in the room. Rasmussen said her department looked over recordings from security cameras and found nothing amiss.

The city has been in turmoil over the past several months, with a recall effort following a civil grand jury finding that three councilmen broke the law and a reported break-in at City Hall in October that turned out to be unfounded.