Watch Irizarry, Monteith and Sabatino discuss Stanislaus County supervisor race

Stanislaus County District 4 supervisor candidates Balvino Irizarry, Dick Monteith and Carmen Sabatino met with The Bee editorial board last week to discuss the issues in their race.

The Bee videotaped the hour-long meeting and is making it available to readers so they can hear what the three had to say.

The two District 3 county supervisor candidates Bill Lyons and Terry Withrow will meet with the board next week.

Each election year, The Bee invites candidates for several races to appear before the editorial board and discuss the issues. The Bee uses these interviews -- they are not debates -- as part of its research in choosing whom to endorse.

The editorial board consists of Eric Johnston, publisher and president; Mark S. Vasche, editor and senior vice president; Judy Sly, opinions pages editor, and three community members who serve on a rotating basis quarter to quarter as "visiting editors."

The newspaper will issue its endorsement for supervisors in both races next week.