Bee Scene: You can get Arlo Guthrie this weekend

Arlo Guthrie and his family are so close that most of his children and grandchildren live a few miles from each other.

About 15 family members from age 2 to 62 will arrive at the Gallo Center for the Arts as part of the "Guthrie Family Rides Again" national tour.

The show will pay homage to Arlo's legendary father Woody Guthrie ("This Land is Your Land") and will include songs from Arlo's famous 1967 album "Alice's Restaurant" as well as original music by other family members.

"We mix it all up," said Sarah Lee Guthrie, 31, the youngest of Arlo and Jackie Guthrie's four children. "We throw the cards up and see where they land that evening."

The family will perform a selection of unpublished Woody Guthrie lyrics recently put to music by such artists as Billy Bragg, Wilco and more.

The lyrics are stored at the Woody Guthrie Foundation & Archives in New York and are coordinated by Woody's daughter (and Arlo's sister) Nora Guthrie.

"There's been a huge pile of songs that have appeared from all parts of the country," said Sarah Lee Guthrie. "Now we have just under 3,000 songs in there."

Sarah Lee Guthrie recorded music to some of the lyrics in her recent children's album with her husband Johnny Irion, "Go Waggaloo." The couple, who have been performing Americana rock together for 10 years, were approached by Smithsonian Folkways to make the album.

Their request was for the couple to write a children's album that "wouldn't make families want to jump out of a mini-van," Sarah Lee Guthrie said.

The couple enlisted support from Arlo and famed folk singer Pete Seeger as well as their 8-year-old daughter, Olivia, in recording the music. Olivia also helped in writing some of the songs.

Sarah Lee Guthrie said both Olivia and her youngest daughter, Sophia, 2, are planning to sing at the Gallo Center, but Sophia and her youngest cousins don't always feel like performing.

"Not every night can we get them to focus and sing," Sarah Lee Guthrie said. "Sometimes they dance and have fun."

The Guthries left their homes in western Massachusetts two months ago and have been enjoying the trip. Everyone is easygoing so there aren't many problems on the road.

Sarah Lee Guthrie said the tour reminds her of when she went on the last Guthrie tour when she was 5 years old. She's glad that her children are now having the same experience.

"We're all happy to be doing this," she said. "This is like the 1984 tour that our kids are never going to forget."

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